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Hands-on: semantic desktop starts to show in KDE SC 4.4
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 15 February 2010 19:25

From ARS Technica

Last week, the KDE community officially released KDE Software Compilation 4.4, a significant update of the open source desktop environment and its associated application stack. The new version delivers some user interface improvements, enhanced usability, new features, additional software, and a number of important bug fixes.


Window management improvements

Window management is one area where users can find particularly noteworthy improvements in KDE SC 4.4. KDE's KWin window manager has new visual effects and functionality, including long-awaited support for window grouping. This feature makes it possible for users to combine their windows into tabbed groups for easier and more streamlined window management. In the following screenshot, you can see a terminal window, a file management window, and the Qassel IRC client tied together in a tab group. The grouped windows will move together and behave like a singular window entity.    [More...] [Comments...]


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