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Google upgrades Chrome across the board
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 18 March 2010 17:18

From C/net News

Google has updated the Chrome browser for most of its multiple versions on all platforms in the past few days, although most of the updates have been minor. However, high-priority security fixes have been made to the stable version of Chrome.

Five security fixes labeled "high" have been applied to the stable Windows version of Chrome, including a fix for a bug that was discovered by Sergey Glazunov. He has received the first $1,337 Chromium Security Reward for the discovery. The security fixes include plugging holes in tab sandboxing, memory errors occurring with malformed SVG images, integer overflows in WebKit JavaScript objects, and an cross-origin bypass error. One security fix applied to the Chrome beta plugged a hole created by memory errors in empty SVG elements.

One new feature in the stable version since the upgrade to v4 has been disabled. The experimental anti-reflected-XSS feature XSS Auditor was disabled because of rare but "serious performance issues," according to the release notes.   [More...] [Comments...]



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