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Google May Leave China By April 10, Report Says
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 19 March 2010 17:51

From PC World

Google may make good on its threat to pull out of China and leave the Commgoogle chinaunist country by April 10, according to a Chinese language newspaper report. Citing anonymous sources, Shanghai-based China Business News says that Google may be ready to pull the plug on its China operations, and could announce its decision as early as Monday.


If the rumors are true it would bring an end to a controversy that has been brewing ever since Google threatened to would shut down its business operations in China following a series of cyberattacks against Google and other U.S. companies. However, pulling out of the world's fastest growing economy and most populous nation may have serious consequences for the search giant.
It's socially responsible . . .

While many Chinese citizens may be able to flourish through commerce and innovation under the country's Communist regime, by Western standards China is a highly oppressive country.

google chinaChina heavily censors Internet access by its citizens, arrests and intimidates those who go too far in criticizing the government (including Chinese media) and imposes harsh prison sentences on dissidents. Since Google's primary business is dependent on the free flow of information, it makes sense that Google would be reluctant to participate in such a repressive system.

But that's only half of the China equation.
. . . but is it fiscally irresponsible?

Peter Lui, Google's former chief financial controller for the Asia Pacific region recently told Bloomberg News that if the search giant did pull out of China, then "there is no way Google can ever come back." That's a sobering statement considering the way the world economy is moving.

While the United States is still the dominant economy in the world today, many economists believe China will eventually supplant the U.S. as the preeminent economic world power. Forecasting the future is a tricky business, mind you, and China could fail to meet financial expectations. However, even if China doesn't rise to economic supremacy, it's still a compelling market for Google's search and mobile device businesses.  [More...] [Comments...]


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