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The Life Expectancy of Linux
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 15 April 2010 17:59

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Linux can't be around forever, can it? For that matter, what does the future hold for operating systems in general? "If you asked me to predict what operating systems would look like in the future, I would probably give you quite a pessimistic answer," said blogger Jeremy Visser. "I think that future OSes will be more and more locked down, and you will be doing less with them while thinking you are doing more."

Human beings are a naturally curious species, most would surely agree, and for as long as we've had cards to punch or keyboards to type on, we've wondered what computing technologies the future might bring.

Linux bloggers are no exception -- indeed, they might even be created a little more equal in this respect, shall we say, particularly when it comes to their favorite platform.

So it should come as no great surprise that, amid all the legal wrangling and controversies in recent weeks, some FOSS geeks appeared to need a bit of a break. Accordingly, rather than get all worked up over the various pads or patents du jour, many stepped back and turned their thoughts toward the future.

"What Will Come After Linux?" was the title of the post that kicked off the conversation on the Toolbox for IT blog, where Locutus declared that "the time of proprietary operating systems [is] coming to a close.

"As much as I like Linux and wish that it live long and prosper, I am also one who likes to think about the future," Locutus wrote. "So I started wondering. What is there that can follow in Linux's footsteps?"

Haiku, ReactOS, Syllable and AROS are all among the contenders Locutus mentions, setting off a veritable mad scramble in the comments section to debate the relative merits of those and other operating systems.
'Linux Will Evolve'

"It's called the Web," opined USER_1968967, for example. "Right now, few people care about the BIOS that starts up your computer. That just happens and then the real OS (Windows, Linux, etc) takes over. I think the same fate will befall operating systems; they will just be a way to get the computer started, but then the real system starts -- the Web."

Then again: "I'm not so sure anything will replace Linux," wrote USER_1969672. "I'm more inclined to think Linux will evolve."

It wasn't long before the LXer crowd got involved too, weighing in with myriad thoughts of their own.


So, what *will* come after Linux -- if anything? Linux Girl's enquiring mind soon wanted to know.

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