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Linux Graybeards? Yes, But Also A Wisdom Circle
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 19 April 2010 17:07

From Information Week

The annual Linux developer meet-up is underway in San Francisco, with code producers and maintainers looking at ways to improve the process and bring in new blood.

Linux is in a strong marketplace position, despite the graying of some of its key maintainers, thanks to cloud computing and other trends that favor it over Windows and older versions of Unix, claimed Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation.

Zemlin didn't bring up the fact that key maintainers of the Linux kernel are getting older. That was for Jonathan Corbet, editor in chief of the Linux Weekly News, to point out later during a panel Wednesday at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, in San Francisco.

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Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of the sysfs kernel subsystem, noted, "Turnover at the upper level is not happening. We're all still there. But the rate of change still keeps going up If we're in the way, let us know."

James Bottomley, SCSI subsystem maintainer, added: "There are more gray beards. Coding wisdom is going up. The graying of the Linux kernel is going to continue, frankly, until people start dying," he said.

Andrew Morton, a key aide to Linux' lead developer Linus Torvalds and often referred to as the "Colonel of the kernel," put the issue equally bluntly: "Yes, we're getting older, and we're getting more tired. I don't see people jumping with enthusiasm to work on things the way that I used to." [More...] [Comments...]



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