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Mint 13 USB installation for Gigabyte motherboards - Page 2
Written by Booman   
Friday, 07 September 2012 00:00
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Mint 13 USB installation for Gigabyte motherboards
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Step 3: Update Live Mint 13

Unfortunately I could never get Mint 13 to boot and start Live Desktop.  So, it occurred to me that the .ISO may be missing drivers for my Gigabyte motherboard.  I came to this conclusion because it would boot and start just fine on all of my other computers and laptops.  So, boot up Live Mint 13 on a spare computer and update it.
Click Start, scroll all the way down to Update.
Before downloading and installing, I unchecked all languages and all LibreOffice related programs because it would make the download quicker and won't fill up all of my persistent space on the USB flash drive (I'm sure there are other packages you won't need immediately, but you will have to read the description for each one).

Step 4: BIOS boot options

Always check your boot options before trying to boot to USB or removable drives.
Most motherboards require you to press F2 or Delete to enter the BIOS.
In the computer's BIOS set-up, look for Boot options and Boot Priority.
Make sure your BIOS allows bootable USB removable drives and make sure the priority for USB removable drives is first on the list.

Step 5: Boot it up!

If your motherboard recognizes the USB removable drive, it will automatically start the Mint boot process.  In my case with a Gigabyte motherboard, I had to press F12 to select the USB removable drive from the list.

Actually I had to select: +hard drive, enter, then USB blablabla, enter.

Linux Mint 13
















Step 6: nomodeset option

I recommend trying the first "Start Linux Mint" option and see if it runs the Live Linux desktop.
If it freezes or locks up as in my case, try the next option:  "Start Linux Mint (compatibility mode)".
If that doesn't work, you will need to add another option.
Reboot again, and when the Mint Start options appear, press Tab to edit "Start Linux Mint".
At the bottom you will see all the startup commands.
Right after:  quiet splash.
Type:  nomodeset

Apparently Mint is looking for wireless and integrated video during the startup.  Since I had neither, it would lockup and I would have to start over.  Nomodeset fixed it most of the time.














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