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Mint 13 USB installation for Gigabyte motherboards - Page 3
Written by Booman   
Friday, 07 September 2012 00:00
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Mint 13 USB installation for Gigabyte motherboards
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Step 7: Live or Install


At this point if you get to the Live Desktop then you are ready to go.  All the updates we downloaded/installed earlier are still applied.  If you decided to use Live then you can use the Internet, Libre Office, play online games, etc.
Any changes you make in Live will still apply when booting to another computer.  But make sure you don't install any hardware specific drivers because they will only work on that computer.


Otherwise you will probably decide to install Linux Mint 13 on your hard drive.
There is a icon on your desktop called "Install Linux Mint".
Double-click it to start your installation.  I won't walk you through the installation but if you have an existing partition with Windows installed make sure not to delete it, or install Linux over it.  The Windows partitions always show NTFS.  So leave those alone.

Note that until you install the video drivers you will have to enter nomodeset to boot correctly every time.  You can permanently add it to the Grub.cfg but when you install the video drivers, you have to remove nomodeset to load the drivers correctly.




















Refer to Linux Mint's website for installation walk-throughs.

Mint's website has some good tutorials on the Shell, Installation, etc.

Got questions? Discuss this in the forums.

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