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Microsft Genuine Advantage Tool Validates Ubuntu Linux As "Genuine Windows"
Written by Dsio   
Monday, 18 June 2007 03:54

Over on the Ubuntu forums, a Linux user by the name of Mig5 paid a visit to the Microsoft Windows Update website, in an attempt to download "Windows Defender" from Microsoft, which requires users to go through the Windows Genuine Advantage authentication system to ensure that pirates are denied access to it.

 He used IE4Linux to get the site to play ball, and after that, used Wine to emulate the Microsoft Validation tool.  To everyone's surprise, the tool simply spat out a valid code, which when entered in the Microsoft website, promptly presented him with a download button for the Windows Defender.

 A video of Mig5's "Linux Genuine Advantage" job on the Microsoft website can be downloaded at here

 Forum thread here 


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