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Ubuntu Linux takes on enterprise server market with new OS
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 21 April 2008 11:30
Ubuntu's first truly enterprise-ready server OS offers support for virtualization, enhanced performance, and certification on an assortment of Sun hardware

By Todd R. Weiss, Computerworld
April 21, 2008

With its release today of its Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition, Linux vendor Ubuntu is firmly aiming its long-awaited, enterprise-ready server operating system at the world of business computing. Technically, this isn't Ubuntu's first server release -- that one came two and a half years ago -- but this is the first one that is truly enterprise-ready, with a full specification sheet of features needed in complex business IT shops, including support for virtualization, enhanced performance, and certification on an assortment of hardware from Sun Microsystems.

And despite his excitement about the possibilities now that the operating system is done, Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth said he knows there's a lot of competition in the enterprise marketplace.

We're modest about where we stand," Shuttleworth said. "We know we're a new entrant in that game and that we have a long way to go still."

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forIn addition to releasing the new server edition of the operating system, Ubuntu also today released Version 8.04 desktop Linux . Both versions are now available for free download at Ubuntu's Web site. Both are LTS releases and will be supported by Ubuntu's commercial sponsor, Canonical, for five years, much longer than Ubuntu's standard 18-month support cycle, he said.  [InfoWorld...]   [Comments...]


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