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Intel aims for 2-second boot time with Moblin Linux platform
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 11:34

At the Linux Collaboration Summit, the director of Intel's Open Source Technology Center has revealed some details about the company's vision for Moblin, its Linux-based mobile platform. He says that Intel hopes to achieve two-second boot time and redefine mobile user interfaces.

 By Ryan Paul | Last updated April 8, 2009 6:10 PM CT

At the Linux Collaboration Summit in San Francisco, Intel Open Source Technology Center director Imhad Sousou discussed the company's plans for the next major version of its Linux-based open source Moblin platform. The aim of Moblin, Sousou says, is to improve the quality of the Linux user experience on Atom-based devices. For Intel, this is a broad mandate that reaches deep into the platform and will require improvements at many different layers of the stack. One especially important aspect of Intel's platform improvement agenda is to reduce overall startup time.

Tests of the latest Moblin 2 alpha release show that the major components of the stack, including the graphics system, can start up in mere seconds. Intel intends to build on this effort and hopes to eventually reduce total startup time to two seconds. Achieving this ambitious goal while still retaining the full software stack will be an important step for making Moblin an appropriate platform for embedded car computers and many other embedded applications where the software needs to be seamless and instantly accessible. "We think that two second boot is possible," Sousou declared during his presentation. [Ars Technica...]    [Comments...]

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