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Getting things done with Linux to-do list programs
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 13 July 2009 11:12

To-do list programs can help you stay organized and boost productivity. Ars looks at GTG, KOrganizer, and other task management tools for the Linux desktop.

By Ryan Paul | Last updated July 12, 2009 8:00 PM CT

 I've found that maintaining a proper to-do list consistently boosts my productivity. The challenge, however, is finding task management software that fits with my workflow. I've tried several web solutions—including Remember the Milk (RTM) and a self-hosted Tracks setup—but the problem with browser-based to-do lists is that I tend to ignore what's not immediately visible on my desktop. Fortunately, there are several reasonably good open source to-do list tools for Linux.

I recently started using Getting Things GNOME (GTG), an organizer for the GNOME desktop environment that provides a robust feature set and a relatively high level of usability. Although it's still at an early stage of development and has some rough edges, it meets my needs better than any of the other to-do list programs that I've tested. It has supported for nested substasks, tagging, and task notes.

The GTG user interface provides several convenience features that I find particularly advantageous. It has a quick-add entry box which allows users to create new tasks on the fly without having to input any extraneous data. Users can optionally specify tags for the task directly in the quick-add box alongside the task title. Another nice user interface feature that I like is the Work View, which will give you a flattened and filtered view of your task list with immediate action items. [ARS Technica...]    [Comments...]

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