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Windows XP pre-loads no longer allowed on new PCs
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 22 October 2010 18:13


Today marks the first year anniversary of Windows 7. Microsoft's latest operating system has become its most popular and well-accepted OS to date. In just a single year, 240 million licenses have been sold. With much of the tech world's attention on this monumental occasion, people seem less focused on what else October 22nd marks.

Mary Jo Foley, over at ZDNet (via TechFlash), points out that today marks the end of Windows XP being pre-loaded on new machines. As noted, netbooks were the last category of PCs remaining that were allowed to come with the 9-year old operating system loaded from the factory. It's clear that Microsoft wants the world to move full force into a new era of PC computing. In their minds, and rightfully so, Windows XP hinders that possibility.



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