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Software Catastrophic Bug Found in Windows 7 RTM Build, Launch May be Delayed
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 06 August 2009 11:25

   Just when it looked like Windows 7 was clear to sail to market, a catastrophic bug has been found

Jason Mick (Blog) - August 6, 2009 11:05 AM

The bug reported can blue screen the OS and may result in a delay of the release date. Thus far Microsoft reportedly claims it to be a chipset drivers issue, but testers have found the bug also occurs in VMWare.
Microsoft insists its not to blame

Aside from a minor squabble about the User Account Control's security settings, that it later relented on, Microsoft's Windows 7 beta and release candidate builds have met with little criticism and plenty of praise.  The builds have offered performance surpassing Windows Vista noticeably, while at the same time improving further on Vista's level of graphical polish.  And notably they have been seemingly free of almost any show-stopping bugs.

However, Microsoft is now in code-red panic mode as a major bug has been found in Windows 7's RTM build, one which threatens to kill the OS's release party.  The RTM build -- 7600.16385  -- thus far only received by a handful, features a reportedly massive memory leak in the unassuming, but frequently used program chkdsk.exe.

When scanning a second hard disk (a non-boot partition or second physical drive) using the "/r" (read and verify all file data) parameter the utility starts to leak memory like its a monsoon and quickly runs up a high enough memory debt that it blue screens and crashes the system, according to some (others merely report a memory usage of around 98 percent within seconds, but without the legendary "blue screen of death").  [DailyTech...]    [Comments....]
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