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Britain's Broadband Backlash
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Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 18:20

From TrustedReviews:

You're a savvy bunch sometimes. On Thursday I wrote that Virgin Media is talking up prospects of 400Mbit cable broadband within the next few years and - far from being thrilled - not one of you reacted positively, not one. And you know what? You were all completely right.

I'm not specifically picking on Virgin here, I don't believe you are either. I'm not even picking solely on fixed line broadband, I (and I believe you) are sick and tired of all supposed 'broadband services' across the UK. Backing me up are new figures from online retailer Broadband Expert, which also announced last week that it has seen a 57 percent drop in the number of people signing up for mobile broadband in just the last twelve months. This got me thinking.



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