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Bifacial solar panels boost yields
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Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 17:23

10% to 30% boost over single-sided PV panels

BSolar is a company with R&D in Israel, and production facilities in Germany.  They claim to have developed the most efficient photovoltaic panel system which collects energy from the sun, on the front and back.

The idea is that the panels would be installed in an upright, or slanted position so that the back-side collects energy from reflected light. So, they would be best installed on flat surfaces, or roofs which are not so steep.

The double-sided panels, which make use of boron, are not in mass production, but the company has announced a project to install these panels in Nasukarasuyama city, Tochigi, Japan.

BSolar website.

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