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Analysis: LED lighting saves power and money in Canada
Tech Business
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 10:29

Adrian Rawlinson
Electronics Weekly

There has been a great leap forward in LED technology over the past five years, and the brightness achievable from the best LED light sources has increased dramatically.

Increases in overall light output and improvements in efficiency mean that LED lighting is now more than a match for halogen in terms of light output, and almost twice as efficient.

LEDs offering 100 lumens per watt or more are available, giving 70 lumens per watt when installed in a good quality fixture. This matches the performance of fluorescent tubes, allowing for the inverter losses. The latest products from Citizen, for example, deliver 102 lumens per watt in the 350mA version, and the 1,500mA version in the same range can deliver 1,200 lumens output.

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