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What Obama's Cybersecurity Plans Mean For Businesses
Tech Business
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 02 June 2009 11:15
Administration's new cybersecurity policies could yield new security regulations and incentives for enterprises, experts say

Jun 01, 2009 | 05:08 PM
By Kelly Jackson Higgins

While President Obama was careful to assuage fears of government overstepping when it comes to privacy and power regarding his new cybersecurity plans -- the administration will not "dictate security standards" for private companies, he said on Friday -- security experts say he still left the door open for some form of regulation that could impact how enterprises secure their systems and networks.

And that may be the only way to better lock down data. "There are certain aspects of security that won't be well-addressed in industry without some kind of regulation," says Dave Merkel, vice president of products at Mandiant. The key is how the regulation is applied, and that it's not too big or "unwieldy," he says. [Comments...]
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