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Fab-Lite - The 'Easy-Tech Illusion'
Tech Business
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 15 January 2010 16:47

Electronics Weekly - The increasing shortage of manufacturing capacity in the semiconductor industry will finally show up the strategy of going 'fab-lite' as a financiers' sleight-of-hand illusion which will severely damage IDMs, says Europea's leading semiconductor analyst, Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons.


"The industry drift to 'fab-lite' - the easy tech syndrome illusion - means that it will not be the IDMs who benefit from the forthcoming up-turn," sasy Penn, " the clear outright winners will be the independent foundries, in particular TSMC who continued to increased their capacity whilst the other semiconductor companies did not."

"Intel and Samsung aside, TSMC is the only (non-fabless) chip firm that really understands this business ... all the other IDMs and fab-lite proponents are looking for band aids and instant quick fixes", adds Penn, "the fact is, as this next up-turn will show, capacity equals sales; no capacity equals no sales. It really is that simple and it is a perfect correlation."

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